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I've been so focused on various projects that I haven't updated the blog in a while. So I decided to take some time to add an important missing feature. Comments can now be left for each blog post using the "Comments" link at the end of the post. I opted not to require registration/login. I think that type of system tends to discourage those who casually visit sites such as this from taking the time to contribute. However, I decided to implement reCaptcha in order to mitigate spam. This simply means you type a randomly generated phrase to insure your human and not a Spambot. As with the rest of the site this is completely custom code and more features are to come. However, give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

BitGab - Posted By: Lee Henderson

BitGab is a blog created by Lee Henderson.

The site's content is derived primarily from my personal experiences in the technology industry and with the technologies themselves.

The platform is completely custom as I am first and foremost a developer. I do use some off the shelf tools for layout, color matching etc.

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The post-PC experiment part 2 - Posted By: Lee Henderson

So I've spent time attempting the transition to a tablet. Long story short. I've gone back to a Notebook. But before making any conclusions, let me explain how I got here.

After a couple months with the Xoom, let me say, it is a very polished and high quality tablet. From appearance to build quality, it easily holds its own with the iPad. The hardware under the hood is very strong and I rarely had performance issues of any kind. Android 3.x honeycomb is a changing beast but very solid OS. I found several applications to take the place of desktop apps. The first and one of the most importabt was the code editor. I found SilverEdit and was instantly hooked. Though I did find some challenges with some languages and too many lines of code in some situations. It is one of the best on-the-go code editors out there. I also spent some time checking out some office apps and other utlities. This was met with varying degrees of success, but overall I was very impressed with the desktop feel and function of the device.

So what happened?

Well, the term desktop in the previous paragraph is rather telling. After a time I was getting some things done when I had access to a PC. Mainly because I could get it done faster. Again it wasn't a matter of performance. Most tablet apps I've worked with seemed to be caught between dekstop and mobile UI concepts. There were a few too many times where I was using a key for this, a tap for that and a swipe for something else. Where an equivalent key or mouse click in a desktop app may have taken care of these mutiple actions. I can't really fault anyone or any one thing. I think this is simply where we are right now. We set out on this journey of interactivity when we first got our hands on dip switches, keyboards and mice. until we find some universal harmony between the UI and data entry concepts, we'll need to simply choose what works for each of us. Then again maybe choice has been the answer all along. Let me stop here, before I start getting all philosophical. The reality was it was simply taking too long to get some tasks accomplished.

I eventually traded in the Xoom for a laptop and another, less expensive tablet. I have since worked with the Notion Ink Adam, Creative Ziio and Acer Iconia. All great tablets with their respective strengths and weaknesses. But each was further proof that my failure to switch entrirely to a tablet was simply not the fault of any one thing. As it is I will still need a desktop/laptop on my desk at home and the office to get the job done.

As a side note. My wife has made a much grander leap than I even atempted. She moved to her first smartphone this year. To my surprise she can go as much as a week without touching the laptop she once seemed to be glued too. Granted her computing needs are much differnt than my own, but there are far more consumers like her out there than there are of me. So we know where the momentum is.